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Study methods!

This webinar is a must for everyone writing year end exams!

Study methods are like food choices, the same thing doesn't work for everyone and we all have our unique tastes and preferences for food! We all like different things! If you follow a study method that fits your unique behaviour patterns, studying becomes easy and fun!

3 November 2020

7:00 PM SAST | 12:00 PM ET

Shadowmatch Advanced Results Interpretation

In this session you will learn how to understand and interpret the Shadowmatch results! We will look at detail and a more advanced interpretation of the results. You will also learn how the Shadowmatch results can indicate how an individual will behave under stressful circumstances.

11 November 2020

3:00 PM SAST | 8:00 AM ET

The Future World of Work

Industry 4.0

Did you know that your job might not exist in 5 years from now? Are you in touch with the rapid rate of automation? Where does it leave you? How do you prepare for the workplace of the future? What is Industry 4.0 and how will it impact the world of work?

18 November 2020

3:00 PM SAST | 8:00 AM ET